Day One – Acrylic Pouring…

Well, the day has come…off sick from work and tired of just watching all the painty goodness roll around other people’s canvas. I had been collecting materials so when that day came, I’d be ready to roll!

Rather than sit on the couch, I decided to give it a go….doctors’ orders was to ‘rest’, but I figure this counts towards that…right?!? 

I tried out the different types of acrylic pours I had seen on the many you tube clips and from the amazingly inspiring Facebook groups….here’s what I came up with. I used Helmar PVA craft glue and Helmar PVA woodworking glue (I used this by mistake but think I prefer it). I tried WD40 but didn’t have the right one. I then remembered almost at the end of my session today, being on the Helmar creative team, that I had the Helmar silicone spray…OMG, it worked a treat!

My first pour ever….a flip cup

A dirty pour…

A puddle pour…

And dipping…

A C Moore have a fantastic clip that tells you the technique for each of these types of pours at

Most exciting of all was remembering my Helmar silicone spray and using it to create this beauty. The Helmar glues and spray can be purchased at

Whilst I perhaps need to buy a butane torch to fully get the cells to produce, I had such fun with this one (may have slightly jumped off the ground with excitement when the cells formed!).

What I learnt today was not only that I can apply the techniques I’ve been studying for the past couple of months, but I need to believe in myself…to just do it! Really, what’s the worse that could’ve happened?!? Using some cheap canvas and cheap paints to get started, I can’t see myself stopping now!!

Sure, I still need to work on the formulation of how much paint versus pouring medium and I’m busting to now try other mediums to pour with…so much to explore….the world really is my oyster! Who knows, I may even be able to sell some artwork down the track or exhibit in a local art gallery…I have high ambitions! Why don’t you too!


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