Dina Wakley – Composition Class

Wow! What an afternoon to be had…despite it taking me almost 1.5 hours to travel back home in peak hour traffic, it was all worth it.

I was grateful for the opportunity at attending the class taught by Dina Wakley, hosted by Artified. YES…THE Dina Wakley.  Maker of all things mixed media, messy and beautiful! One day I’d always wish I’d meet her…now to consider some intelligent questions to ask her when I’m back on Sunday morning…

The focus of the class was learning about composition – most I already knew but great to build on my knowledge and use my art journal for the very first time!

I got a seat up the back corner (perfect posi for me to watch the room) and we could see what Dina was working on via this camera and screen. 

Starstruck big time!  
  This is one of the pages we worked on – a play with stamping images, stencils and following the principles of ‘power points’, rules of threes, and proximity.  
This page was having a play at enabling teared images to appear like they became embedded into the background, again using the same composition principles as above.

 Whilst I’ve still got some work to do and lots of learning, I’m looking forward to attending the print making class on Sunday. Wish I could’ve gone to them all!! LOVE Dina!!  
Here Dina is chatting with Joy (the lady next to me)…I couldn’t resist a quick snapshot. Joy even got a high five from Dina for turning what was a page not going well into a fantastic page in the end…..jeeeaaalllooouus!!!


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