The week that was…or wasn’t!

  Have you ever had a thought in your head and it just didn’t quite turn out the way you had anticipated? I’m not just talking about layout ideas…sometimes life is just like that I guess..?

So…a reflection on the week that was…I decided to take a couple of extra days leave this week with the vision of having an ‘all about me crafty experience’. I really had convinced myself that this would be an amazing week, a glorious affair we me surrounded by what I love – paper, paints, hello prints all over the house…have I realised my vision? Well after about 6 loads of washing, school pick ups in torrential rain, sparkling floors, coffee catch ups, toy boxes cleaned out, roast almost in the oven I would say not quite….what I do have though is a whole lot of new ideas, connections and inspiration through classes I’ve taken, online forums, you tube etc and some new goodies to play with….so, when’s my next lot of leave booked in?!?! 😌😉😊 


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